New Launching ! The brand new YAGEO site


Considering the growing usage of mobile online surfing, YAGEO prepares its brand new website conformed to new HTML5 standard with the new key visual “MAKE PASSIVE INTO ACTIVE”. Adopting RWD (responsive website design), the new website will detect the devices of browser and provide the optical layout accordingly. Whether you use a computer or a mobile phone, our website will be revealed responsively for your reading convenience.

While there is no more complex menu bar, the new YAGEO site places all the important searching functions conformed to RWD layout. Taking the most commonly used part number search for example; a part number could be searched by entering data to the top right magnifier icon while it could also be found by clicking “Find Products “button shown on key visual. The result product searching page will be performing three ways for part number search: Single part number search, Searching / filtering part number by spec, and Cross Reference.

By clicking main product icon on the home page, you can visit each product category and view product detail. The new website integrates product pages with application pages. So users can easily switch between product and its application field which make it more intuitive to understand product features. For those who are used to browse by menu, you can still easily find the hamburger menu on the top right to visit each functional page.

The global English version will be going live formally on Oct 21st first and followed by traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. We suggest users to browse the new website by Chrome 74.0, IE11.0, Firefox 69.0, Opera 63.0, Safari and versions above. 

You can download website user manual for more detail introduction. Link