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Communication LSI

Wireless Communication LSI, Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Reception LSI, other

The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

Short-range wireless communication LSI product lineup from LAPIS Semiconductor is based on, Bluetooth® Low Energy,LPWA,Sub-GHz,Wi-SUN,IEEE802.15.4, Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Reception LSI and our own networking technology, we offer a "bridge" to support your needs.

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NEWNew Productsupdate 2017/09/05

Wireless Communication LSI & Moduleupdate 2019/06/25

Incorporation of the newly developed “ ultra-low power consumption RF “ has realized the operating life lasting several years with a button cell battery.

This is the wireless communication LSI to feature LPWA dual-mode functionality, supporting both Sigfox and IEEE802.15.4k. It is suitable for correction of sensing data using IoT.

"Such as those used in Japan, Europe and China. Suitable for telemeters and security systems.

* Users Manuals of the specified low power radio station products can be downloaded from
  the Support Site.

"Low power consumption IEEE802.15.4 wireless communication LSI" that features the industry's lowest power consumption*. Suitable for remote controls of household electrical appliance, small capacity control and measurement data devices.
*Based on 2014 LAPIS Semiconductor study

* Users Manuals of the IEEE802.15.4 products can be downloaded from   the Support Site.

Car communication LSIupdate 2019/06/25

FM data reception tuner, FM multiplex demodulator supporting VICS.


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