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Low Power Microcontroller,MCUs

High Performance,Ultra-Low-Power MCUs,Ultra-Low-Voltage,High Noise Immunity,Built-In Speech Output Function,Sensor Hub,Power-saving Solar Power Supply Control,ARM,Development Support System

The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

ML62Q1000 series feature high spec, high performance, low power and tough noise resistance, support wider application.

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NEWNew Productsupdate 2019/03/26

Low Power Microcontrollerupdate 2019/06/24

In addition to noise immunity, with newly enhanced safety functions, this microcontroller can be used for a wide range of applications including home appliances and industrial equipment. Notably the safety functions are available for the failure diagnosis of external components and the self-diagnosis of the microcomputer, suitable for white goods and small kitchen household appliances.

These microcontrollers includes original noise immunity circuits, are suitable for temperature measurements, motor controls and LED lighting controls. In addition, some models are ideal for home appliance controls that require high powers such as IH control, rice cooker and home bakery. These microcontrollers is operatable at the high temperature (+ 105°C), are used in tough environments such as factory automation equipments.

These microcontrollers are available for a wide range of applications such as industrial equipment, battery-driven electronic shelf labels, thermostats home electronics, HEMS, smart grid and multiple types of meter.

These microcontrollers are ideal for small mobile devices with LCD display functions such as wristwatch, clock, pedometer, heart rate monitor and thermostat. The temperature expansion version is available for industrial equipments such as data loggers used for temperature control of foods.

The high quality audio playback function and the high output speaker amplifier are integrated into one chip. This microcontroller enables white goods home appliances and others to have easily the sound play function. We provide the audio playback solution to dry-cell battery driven thermometers and other healthcare equipments, security equipments such as fire alarms, housing and AC driven home appliances.

These are high performance microcontrollers that integrate and control various sensors with low power consumption. They enable wearable devices and smartphones to extend the battery life.

Development Support Systemupdate 2019/06/04

These are the software tools and the hardware tools for supporting program development.


Support site 

The latest development software and technical documents can be obtained. ※Account is required . Registration is here.

Starter kit download 

Starter kit software package for 16bit MCU.

※An account of starter kit bundling is required

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