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​Green Product Roadmap
Proposition 65
REACH Status
  • REACH Certificate
  • Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators (AE & ASB) - SVHC Presence Communication​
China RoHS Product Content
IPC-1752 Blank Forms​
 Download Blank IPC 1752 Forms to provide Environmental information to KEMET:

IPC-1752-1 RoHS Compliance Documentation
Access IPC-1752-1 RoHS Compliance Documentation based on part number family. Make your desired selection, then click "Get PDF" to open the associated IPC-1752-1, Class 4 PDF file. These PDF files are digitally signed. Learn more about Digital Signatures.

Note: Information subject to change without notice. Monitor Web site regularly for updates. KEMET is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise, that the reader might incur as a result of ignoring this warning, or that any third party might suffer as a result of the reader's ignoring this warning.

Requirements: Full details of the IPC-1752 standard are maintained at
 This IPC Web page states that for IPC-1752-1 pdf documents, Adobe Reader® 7.0.5 is required as minimum to open the PDF form; 7.0.7 or higher is recommended. Adobe Reader® 8 is not supported at this time.

Construction Series or Dielectric Termination

Our ComponentEdge application contains the RoHS and Pb-Free status for our parts.
Click here to access ComponentEdge​​