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KEMET's Statement on the Reliability Impact of Procuring KEMET Capacitors through Non authorized Sources

Over the past decade, the number of non authorized sources for electronic components including KEMET Capacitors has greatly increased. These sources range from individuals selling electronic components out of their homes, to large web-based traders and independent distributors/brokers. There is no way to conclusively determine the storage/handling conditions and legitimacy of origin of products bought through non authorized sources. Product supplied through non authorized sources may appear to be legitimate, but many quality issues with such product can occur and KEMET cannot warrant product purchased through non authorized sources.

Customers that buy KEMET Capacitors from non authorized sources may save money in the short-term, but they run the risk of major reliability issues that can damage their reputation and prove enormously expensive in the long-term due to warranty expenses, field replacements, and liability claims. Customers that nonetheless turn to non authorized channels for KEMET Capacitors trade risk for reliability. For these reasons, KEMET Corporation strongly encourages all our customers to buy our product exclusively through our authorized sources. Our authorized sources are listed on our website.