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EliBoard can provide PCB rapid prototype / mass production services and produce the products such as RPCB, HDI, FPC and RFPCB to satisfy the demands of various customers for high-end, middle-end, low-end and special products.

With the ability of manufacturing and managing high-quality products, our team can implement comprehensive quality management including early planning, prevention and monitoring and correction and improvement after transactions.


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CAM Engineering introduction

The production process communicates in depth by professional teams, understands the manufacturing requirements, feedback and communicate with customers timely for the non manufacturability in design. Formulate integrated production data while taking into account the customers requirements and process capabilities.

In the service process, the EliBoard team will panelize the customer provided CAD files in specified dimension, convert to Gerber and drill files that can used for production. The EliBoard team always stands in the customer's side to give out the best improvement suggestions, just to make the manufacturing process more fluid. In order to solve the problem of CAM engineers insufficiency and reduce the cost of engineers, the EliBoard technical team flexibly designs CAM / MI engineering files according to the factory's process capability.

Professional ability

EliBoard team is composed of employees with over 8 years of experience related to PCB. Being familiar with PCB technology, they can properly adjust manufacturing and processing parameters as per the manufacturing capacity of its customers. In addition, they are familiar with various PCB inspection standards. Therefore, they can appropriately adjust manufacturing designs for the products with special requirements.


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PCB Assembly services introduction

EliBoard provides SMT processing services, our professional team builds complete PCB and PCBA quality control system. During the components soldering process, high-quality solder paste is used to ensure the reliability and stability of the welding. Our production line is equipped with automatic printing machine, high-speed placement machines, AOI automatic optical detectors, etc., which can effectively ensure the reliability and quality in the electronic packaging process.

Regarding the SMT testing, we have professional engineers to implement preliminary planning, prevention, and monitoring. After the completion of the transaction, we review the quality management of improvement, standardization, and other aspects. We use various test fixtures to perform 100% batch testing. Before delivery the products to customers, we will do automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray inspection, and burn-in testing, aim to provide high quality, zero defect products.


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About Us

EliBoard mainly provides one-stop PCB prototyping services. Since its establishment, the platform has been adhering to the business philosophy of offering convenient service and user-friendly experience to online and offline customers, continuously improving production capacity, time effectiveness and product quality to produce high-quality PCB at a low total cost.

The parent company, Avaryholding, mainly produces all kinds of printing circuit boards, which are widely used in communication networks, calculators, consumer electronics and various kinds of 3C electronic products. The company has cultivated an experienced management team and cooperated with world-class customers. It actively grasps the market trend and continuously improves production efficiency to reduce production costs. Meanwhile, advanced technologies and processes are used to create smart factories that are efficient, rational, automated and unmanned. At present, the company’s PCB product output ranks first among domestic manufacturers and occupies the leading position in the world.

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